Thursday, 9 February 2012

Major Project: Patissier Character- Initial Profile Sheet and Research

At this early stage of the project, I decided to initially define the character of the patissier featuring in my animation. By creating an initial profile sheet, I am using it to guide when experimenting and developing the character designs. Also, I have gathered some initial influence maps, to give an overall idea of how I want my character to resemble to.

Alongside these 2 elements, I will also write a list on this post with the influences for the designs, it will serve as a quick referencing when accessing my research.

Initial Profile Sheet- Patissier

Fig. 1 & 2- Initial Influence Maps

Name: Olivier

Age: 47

Race: Human (Extra Stylised)

Height: 1.20 m

Body type: Cute Baby Shape, Short with Rounded Body, Chubby Arms and Belly, Small Feet.

Face Type: Chubby Face, Cute Shaped with Rosy Cheeks.

Complexion: Vivid Skin Tone, With Rosy Pigmentation.

Eyes: Probably Blue (Maybe Green or Hazelnut)

Hair: Dark Blonde or Light Brown Hair with Curls Coming Under His Chef's Hat.

Facial Hair: Maybe a Well- Trimmed Moustache Curling Upwards.

Clothing Style: Wears the Patissier Uniform, a Whole White Outfit with a Customised Insignia, and a Chef's Hat.

Speaking Style: Bohemian, Polite and Very Social.

Career: A Well-Established Patissier in the Heart of Paris, Specialised in Making Wedding Cakes.

Best Qualities: Happy, Contagiously Joyful, Pleasant, Amiable, Cute, Likeable, Content, Energetic, Hard-Working, Ecstatic.

Worst Qualities: Overwhelming and Hyperactive.

Weaknesses: Too Short to Properly Reach the Cakes.

With the initial profile of the character understood, now I will be able to begin exploring a few designs. Therefore a few sketches will be uploaded here shortly.

Research List


Danny de Vito
Gusteau from Ratatouille, Pixar
Skinner from Ratatouille, Pixar
Russell from Up, Pixar
Happy from Snow White and Seven Dwarves, Disney
Sultan from Alladin, Disney
Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, Disney
Baby Brent from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Bill Plymptom Characters 

Character Clothes and Props: 
Patissier Uniform- White Jacket, Black Trousers, and maybe a scarf around the neck. 
Chef's Hat
Rolling pin

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