Sunday, 12 February 2012

Major Project: Audio Analysis

Recently I went on analysing the audio sample, just so it will help me develop the story, in terms of staging, mood and key scenes.

I firstly drew a audio graph, of my interpretation of the audio, and added my observations on it.

This drawn graph helped me understand how the song develops allowing me to add key points of the short film in certain places. Also, by drawing a type of waveform it also helped understand how important each of the sections of the song is. 

To better explain this analysis, I have found a few things with the audio track , firstly and most important it id divided in 4 major parts which derive in terms of duration, secondly and according to the graph, the audio starts slightly slow but rapidly reaches high pitch, where I may add a key moment in the history, then it decays in mood , however rapidly the second stage of the song quickly picks up, however this time, it suggests that it is some struggle or delay to get to high pitch. On the 2 last parts of the audio, the duration of each section derives the most, by having a longer section which quickly is high in notes and slowly and "confusingly" climbs down, it suggests a certain form of confusion or conflict. On the last section, it picks up quickly to high pitch, however as short it may seem, it is suddenly cut to the end of the track. To conclude this analysis one may perceive eahc section is being parts of the short films, for instance the 1st section, the introduction of the characters and the situation, the following 2 sections may be associated to layers of the wedding cake. and the last section the conclusion of the animation. 

Finally I have taken the actual waveform from the song and divided it in sections, just so I know that the track is divided in 4 major parts which have variable lengths and moods. 

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