Thursday, 16 February 2012

Major Project: Animation Timeline Layout

While im undergoing the the initial character design stages, I have been developing the story for my animation, therefore I create and animation timeline, to let me place the actions in time on the animation. This timeline also allowed me to think of some ideas for either transitions or character animations in certain sequences.

Timeline Layout

  • Present the Patisserie ( only the windowsill and the cakes on display, maybe a card evoking the idea of patisserie.)
  • Present the Patissier (placing the last layer of the cake on the top of the cake.)
  • Patissier is ready to decorate.
  • He applies icing onto the cake with a spatula, transition to the cake world, where the patissier is walking throwing icing on the floor and stepping on it to straighten the surface.
  • Ribbons with live of their own enter the scene. Embrace the patissier and then rest on the ground as if they were a red carpet.
  • Patissier decorates with frosting ( real world), transition on the decoration to the cake world, Patissier carries a oversized piping bag over his shoulder and bounces decorating as he walks.
  • Fruits enter the bouncing.
  • Chocolate sprinkles from the sky (like rain).
  • Icing sugar details enter the scene ( dove details fly to the cake, and roses grow from where the patissier steps.) Last rose transition to the roses on the fiances bouquet.
  • Patissier greets both in a vow.
  • Icing sugar is thrown( to associate with rice. (dust covers the screen).
  • Fades back out of the dream/ Cake world, to present the last shot, the joyful patissier presents the cake which is the same size than him.
  • The End.

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