Saturday, 18 September 2010

Presentations and Pub Talk

Yesterday, I suppose it went really well with CGAA presentation, I tried to keep my presentation as short as possible, friendly, but also a eye-opener for new students, to realise hard work will take you mostly everywhere. Although, I didnt have much of CG to show, with the work I showed, I emphasized on the pre-production, a crucial part of your pipeline, I just hoped I wasnt really boring.
Finally, I want to wish good luck for all of them this year, and to keep the blogs updated so I can stalk or spy on unit works, hahah...

After the presentation, I met some old faces, it as a really good time, as we catch up with stories over the summer. funny talks were the menu for the afternoon, and it was great.
There is where the power of socialising comes to place, where you can actually relax before the projects start next week.

Also a quick reminder, I am volunteering for the Canterbury Anifest, this year. If you by any chance want to apply do it by today as it finishes. Besides you chose the days you want to work, 25th, 2nd, 8th or 9th, you will have access to backstage, ether giving hospitality to a guest, or setting things up, or being by the doors.
As it is a volunteering work, is not paid, but they do offer the opportunity to see 2 events, all the food expenses, and also put your CV as experience, which is great in my opinion.
The website for the Canterbury Anifest can be found on the group blog.

Now time to get back to my summer project and try to put at a stage I would like.


tutorphil said...

you were great, Rubes! Pitch perfect :-)

Ruben Martins said...

Thanks, phil.
At last, all those painful presentations last year paid off..

Improving my communication skills :)

Jon Stewart said...

I enjoyed your presentation Ruben.

Not sure why you have it in for energy drinks though!!!! ;']

Simon Holland 74 said...

From experience I have to share your opinions about energy drinks Ruben.... they are eeeevil, and also addictive. It was a good presentation Ruben well done.

Ruben Martins said...

Thanks guys..