Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Concept Art: Choosing the 3 scenes

After reading the 2 excerpts, i found the description of 4 main places and a place where the colossi statues
sit, which I love the description.

Scenarios are:

-The Mining Site, which is between the "3 witches" the peaks of the mountains, also known as the pit.
-On the hither side of the pit is the position of the 3 statues, the "Silent Ones" ( i love the description of them and its mythology) where behind its a sheer wall that shows the entrance for the cave inside one of the peaks.
-Inside the cave, its a huge cathedral-like room naturally decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, icicles and columns. but also with carved stone in shape of mummies and beast, done by old- world workers.
- The Hall of Dead, which is unbelievable described as being a terrible place, where death could be itself, it's a room served for the ritual of the kukuana people, where they petrify their dead kings in order to immortalize them. the ritual consisted in petrify their kings by the mean of dripping water from the ceiling of the room, falling on and turning them in stalagmites.
- The Solomon's Treasure Chamber, the mysterious room full of luxury but ironically so hard to escape from it.

After reviewing, all the scenes i decided o go for 2 indoor scenes and 1 outdoor one , if i had time i would them all because their description is fascinating, but setting my head into the real world, i have to stick with what the brief asks 3 concept paintings.
i have chosen to research and paint, the the outdoor scene of the pit where i have to gather a lot of information about environment, historical and cultural background. The Hall of Dead, because of its mood a dark scene full of terrifying elements, such as the huge skeleton. Finally, the place which is the objective of their trip the treasure chamber, because of its luxury items, and influence to the story.

Now i'll research some textures, cultural aspects, environment of Africa and historical background and put them on a mood board, to help me set a atmosphere and mood to my paintings.


tutorphil said...

3 final concept paintings... but there's nothing to stop you from exploring ALL possibilities at this early stage... ;-)

Ruben Alexandre said...

cool because i really liked the stalactites room tho is not really influential for the story, i just love the way it is described

tutorphil said...

Go with your guts, Ruben - let the spaces - and your enthusiasm for them - be your guide...