Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Self-Portrait: Influencial Artists II

This particular work of the following artists,Frida Kahlo,Gillian Wearing and Frances Benjamin Johnston, caught my atention, Although on my first post of influencial artist I chose male artists, this time i tried to go for a feminine view of the subject and by chosing female arstists i'm trying to understand why they portrayed themselves as different gender.

Frida Kahlo, as we know didn't have an easy live, bouncing from the infinite operations that were affected by her accident and posterior illnesses, and an unfair relationship with the love of her life the artist Diego Riviera. This painting shows Frida Kahlo's way of powerfully portray herself, This painting, as far as I read, show how Kahlo gave her feminity to a society dominated by men, having a moral view as well.
"True personality damaged by men's society or merely fun"?

Gillian Wearing has a really interesting way of portray herself and other people, in these series of pictures the use of make up, helps her portray herself and also herself as her relatives, what makes a really interesting aspect to look at to support my self portrait idea. Interesting is also how you find that you are so similar to to your relatives.

Frances Benjamin Johnston, was unknown to me until i started to research some female artists, but apparently she is one of the first female photographers in history. having a series of pictures where she portrays herself and different woman, i thought she was a relevant artist to add to my research.
This Photograph of her dressed as a man, as like in Frida Kahlo's example has moral issue behind it, she lived in the late 19th century, where men's society was much more stronger to what it is now and also by being one of the first female photographers she portrayed herself to show that she can have "that" same power in a woman's body.

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