Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Today, we watched "Metropolis", firstly i have to say what a film !!! although its an old film, it is still so influential that the new cinema is still using it. From the concept art that was amazing to the position of the cameras and the destruction of the set, it was all in its place. For 1927 film, they really had to have a massive budget to create a masterpiece, because even not using CG technology they were able to create a imaginary city and also its destruction. I was never so glued to the screen, like i had been today, although some parts of recording were missing it didnt really change the feeling of being watching an amazing film, with an amazing plot based on morals, Rich ,the head, the power and Poor, the Hands, the labour, something so visible in society.

Metropolis ,in my opinion, is not only the pioneer of the sci-fi, but also of all the other genres, because this film had a bit of everything in right dosage, romance, suspense, sci fi, horror and adventure. Aspects that made me be glued to the screen asking for more. Being an almost 2 hours film, if you really appreciate it, the time will fly and you will be crying for more.

Something that blew me away was the special effects, the lack of technology didnt really influenced the quality of the special effects, from floods to explosions everything looked so believable.

If you want to warch a masterpiece of the cinema and dont mind a 2-hour silent movie, I highly recommend to get it as soon as possible and watch it. It's brilliant.

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