Thursday, 15 October 2009

Self Portrait: Back and Foreground texture experiments

I have done some experiments to find a better background for my portrait, at least to show the meaning that I want, Sand will have the meaning of my childhood but also of change, molding myself into fitting in any situations that I face.

My choice goes for this one because ,like i said in the post before, it shows the texture as well how I applied it in a more freely way, where the movement of the hand shows the same motion of the sand.

These 2 are some studies that I did with the same brush, on the left, In my opinion, i think I have put too much brushstrokes and the image, which tends to pull the spectator to look at the effect and not to the face, thing that i could achieve with the chosen image. On the right, It was my first study where I applied less brushstrokes but I couldn't make that effect of motion, after I changed some brush settings, I did apply what I wanted.

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