Sunday, 18 October 2009

Self-Portrait: 2 Final Portraits

These are the 2 final Portraits that i have to choose from to present at the Crit day, Portraits where Mainly I want to create a hybrid mixing my features and of my family or the people who mark me until now and still do. Also have the meaning of childhood and how my relatives mold me into become what I'm now.

The 1st final Portrait, I tried to present those features creating a composite of my face with my relatives, also the black and white colour is to give a more subtle beauty of the female features as the relatives I was portraying were only women because as i said before I came from a family where women are predominant. Finally, I applied a Sand layer which intends to give the impression of my childhood ( as I'm originally from Portugal) but also the idea that I was mold by this people to become what I'm.

After reading Tutor Phil's comments, I understood that aesthetics and additional information delivered badly, can be like "mud in the water" and become too complex for somebody to understand. So I came up with other idea where conveying the same meaning, I tried a prudently way, where the actual particles of the sand would form me but not with a drastic chance, and only visible to the catching eye, and would pull the spectator to see the main element, the composite.

Sorry for the JPEG Quality.


tutorphil said...

Tomorrow at 3pm in Lecture Theatre 1, Tracy Ashmore is doing a second session on structuring arguments for academic writing and creative research; it will last an hour, giving you a bit of a breather before the life-drawing class; sorry for the short notice, but it was only confirmed at the end of last week. If you could assist me in getting word out to your classmates, I'd be very grateful. Cheers!

Ruben Alexandre said...

i think we all know because tutor alan, gave us the information last friday...