Thursday, 29 October 2009

Concept Art: Mood Board and Referencing- Outdoor Environment

I created a mood board, not only for the beautiful pictures but also to help me referecing any time i need, this picture shows the enviroment that could have been lived outside the cave it was a mixture of man-made sites (mining site) and nature ( the mountains). I add some research on egyptian and phoenicians statues and symbols that could be seen outside the cave. Also i did some referecing to the sunlight because the moment the expedition got inside the cave was about 11 AM so all the outside view described in the book was passed in the morning and helps to create the mood of the painting.

I decided to take my references from real world object, but i will also i will look at some concept artists that explore the same genre of my book.

2nd part is coming up... Indoor environment


anewman said...

Ruben, thank you for "The blue planet".Not only useful for my project, but, also, very interesting information.

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Progressing nicely here Ruben,

nice to see you getting enthusiastic about the description in the text. I feel you have also chosen 3 great areas to portray, they don't have to be essential to the text, sometimes its good to have some visual candy to braek up the narrative.