Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Self-Portrait: Influencial Artists

After my first lectures, I was presented to the work of Robert Mapplethorpe and of some unknown work by Andy Warhol. So to support my research as well as my project idea, I rewinded a and looked over those pictures again. Also found some more images of the same series of the artist.

Like i said before Robbert Mapplethorpe in my opinion is a great artist because is not vulgar, he uses controversy in his way of approaching art, having a delightful portfolio sometimes quite disturbing these series of pictures show a Self-Portrait dressed as a woman, what made him do it, I don't know yet, "True Pesonality or Experiment"?

Andy Warhol is other great influence for me although I'm not a fan of his Pop Art side of art, this series of portraits show him dressed as a woman also, a different view of his work. With a vast series of other people's portraits in a Pop Art Style, where the subject is given to society and is utterly used by it , so why does an artist make a self-portrait dressed as a woman in a so peculiar and modest way. "True Personality or Experiment" ?

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