Sunday, 25 October 2009

Unit 2: Space - King Solomon's Mines

After finishing 1st unit with a good feedback, I got already a 2nd brief, and what is good about it is that we received a specific subject related to space.
And so it begins, mine is folder 11 out of 11, and I have to say I'm not familiar with "king solomons mines" by Haggard, but what i like about this course is discovering new things and broad my knowledge in different subjects, so im happy to have a folder that i know minimal about, so I really have to research about everything related to it, mainly space but also cultural aspects.

I decided to go to the bottom of the subject and understand who is King Solomon, and It took me into religious areas, a king which was famous by his wealth and wisdom. bearing that in mind i started to research as well where he was from, North Africa and Middle East is the place i have to explore in my concept drawings.

Also Haggard's book, from what i little read, takes us into the adventure of finding a lost world, somewhere in Africa, also the fact that was portrayed in the victorian period will help to set the concept drawings in time.

I google some films related with the subject and i found a few of them, dated different times, 1937, 1950 and 1985, but also some tv series dated 1986 and 2004. so ill have something to look at. but also reading the book, which is the best resource to understand the story.

I really love the subject, although i dont know much about this story I love films and computer games that takes us into world of the unknown and undiscovered. such as Indiana Jones films and Tomb Raider games.


tutorphil said...

Hey Ruben! Yes, it's exciting to NOT know the source material - as some of your classmates will be struggling with knowing too much! I like your approach already - that's right, immerse yourself in the world of the book, it's time period, it's cultural sphere, the stories it has inspired; the excerpts are chosen as they all feature specific 'moments' in the book that relate to the characters happening upon or experiencing a new space, environment or vista. With this book, there are some underlying issues about the depiction of race that, for some, make this book offensive or even unacceptable (a white man's view of Africa), so you'll need to put the book in its historical context too... now go and become an expert :-) Have fun!

Ruben Alexandre said...

From the little i read, it has a strong link with colonization era. slavery, etc.. like you said the white man's africa. it is both british and portuguese important times in history, not only for good reasons.
i think this story is depicted in time, maybe a 2 or 3 centuries after that age, but its still so present in the book.
i have to consider this also.

i love a subject that takes me into historical part. Also something so present in my culture.

RichardVC said...

cheers man, i no its got a good story but the remake i so wasnt so could, hopeflly it wont ruin my concept ideas. ive never heard of ur film :S but goo luck.

Carl said...

Yeah also never heard of yours ruben, if it's anything like indiana jones or tomb raider then it's pretty cool