Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Life Drawing: Session 5

This week, we practiced shading and how it can affect the overall picture giving a volumetric aspect to it, also not using line it can define the model.

15 mins.

At first, I did some studies about different parts of the body, just a good way to warm up. using shading already to better define their volume.

30 mins.

this was my first drawing using only shading and some lines to help me with the proportions.

45 mins.

This second one was made in 45 mins using less helplines and concentrating only on shading, i'm quite pleased with the shading on the face and torso but in the arm i found difficult to shade it as it was in a awkward position.

15 mins.

By the end of the session, we did more studies, i decided to choose part with high contrast to practice my shading skills and also proportion.

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