Monday, 19 October 2009

Self Portrait: Final Portrait Choice

My final portrait is here, yes I chose the one which represents really what I wanted create, principally a portrait made with a composited of my face and my relatives, which would eventually become a "Chimera" or a female face. To highlight those features I chose to display it in a black and white layer, which gives a subtle beauty to it.
The reason I am portraying only women as my relatives is because they have had an important role through my life, as they are the predominant gender in my family.
Also, I applied some details in the face, which gives a more feminine look, lengthen the eyelids, and all the area of the eyebrows is shaped. Also for the catching-eye, and after i decided to change as i didn't want to put too much complexity in the portrait, the arms' area is formed by sand grains and a different texture, which conveys the idea of childhood and how my relatives shaped me to become what I am.
My aim was to keep my portrait simple but at the same time, representing the idea I had in mind, in an effective way using image manipulation.

Also i don't know if I should put the final piece here already, and also feedback is more than welcome, as i still have time to change minor things.

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