Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Life Drawing: Session 3

These are the drawings of the 3rd life drawing session, where we kept using the help of the pencil to measure also find the angles to do the right proportions.


1st drawing, despite finding the right proportions on the upper body of the mode, i think the legs looked quite dragged to fit the measure.


This 2nd drawing, having the same amount of time to finish it, was made with the same techniques after getting the proportions well i started to shade it. i'm quite pleased with the result though.

6 min

We had the last part of the session to do a quite different drawing, not relying on the measurements with the pencil, it was a more natural observation which what we saw we had just to mark the proportions, i remembered the the straight lines drawing and gave a kind of movement resembling the futurism movement.

These life drawing sessions are paying well, i can feel myself more confident when drawing the human body as well as understanding its proportions.

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