Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Life Drawing: Session 2

Today I had the 2nd session of life drawing and i can say I love it, its interesting how you can explore the human body by angles, vertical and horizontal lines.

The 1st drawing was similar of what I did last week, I could only use straight lines to represent the model, also bearing in mind all its proportions. quite pleased with this drawing, because gave me the freedom to draw and mark-making.

On the 2nd drawing we were asked to mix the straight lines, with curves and some shading having a rigorous look at the proportions of the model by measuring it with a pencil. Apart from getting the proportions quite well by doing some measuring the tutor Chris Hunt advised to have a both free and disciplined drawing when I can get the proportions almost exactly as they are.


tutorphil said...

Hey Ruben - I love this second drawing - so much character somehow!

Ruben Alexandre said...

thank you !!

i tried to mix straight lines and some curves and also some shading. show the proportions better :)