Monday, 5 October 2009

Self Portrait: Brainstorming and Final Idea

Final Idea

This Self-Portrait will reflect myself and show how my background affected my life until now, coming from a family where women are predominant among men, not having a close relationship with my father, and not having a grandfather in my growing years, i didn't experience what is having a male figure present in my life, this portrait will show how growing up in the middle of "female" family has affected my decisions and all my ideas, also it will be a kind tribute to them.

For my Final Idea I decided to depict myself with some female features added onto my face ( faces from my relatives) and make a composite to show my true self, who was taught by these relatives the important values of life, and also, like i said before, still have an important role in my life. I' ll represent myself showing half of my body to better see the features of my composited face, and holding a Sand Clock( meaning of the lapsed time). Entering into the more symbolic part of the Idea, i will have sand clouds "cutting into" my self-portrait, which represent my childhood and the environment I was brought up.


Hades said...

Sounds awesome man!!!!

Ruben Alexandre said...

thank you..

ill just hope can do more of image editing on photoshop as i just used it for drawing and painting