Saturday, 3 October 2009

Self Portrait: Louis le Brocquy

After I had a glance at the "Face to Face- british self-portraits of the twentieth century" i came across with Louis le Brocquy, unknown to me to date. the difference between him and the some other artists was that his work stood out because of its abstractism while representing humans. he has a long collection of portraits from 1975 to 2005, as well as other types of artworks, each one more stunning than the previous one.

More Artworks of Louis le Brocquy can be found here


tutorphil said...

Evening Ruben - just browsing: thanks for posting this work; this artist is new to me too - and I really like their spectral quality; slightly eerie and a bit 'spirit-world'.

Ruben Alexandre said...

Indeed, the brushstrokes being really loose which gives an overall mist to the picture and the spiritual aura that seems to be in a background are really appealling.