Sunday, 1 November 2009

Concept Art: Tutorials with Phil Hosking

I can say I loved the class, It was our intro class to concept art using photoshop with the concept artist Phil Hosking, where we start to get used to the graphic tablet and to draw with it.

The lesson as a whole was really helpful, not only i got used to the pen tablet, i was able to paint with it, and learnt new things in photoshop for the project.

Unfortunately, I didnt save my pictures to a memory stick so they are still wandering in Uni's mac, but next week I promise i will upload them, but instead i practiced at home some more to get use to the tools and new brushes. So i did some small detailed painting just to get used to use the color dodge brush. They might not be the most expressionist paintings as the ones i did in class but i was aiming to do a more detailed painting.

Tutor Phil Hosking is really helpful not only with the program but also with the concept art as a whole.

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