Saturday, 7 November 2009

Concept Art: Traditional Artists Influences

I have been looking a lot into a wide range of traditional artists that applied perspective, scale and atmosphere in their work.

William Turner

William Turner's work is fascinating the way he mixes colours, creates an atmospheric sense to picture. I chose this painting because he mixed a "warm" colour, reddish-orange and a "cold" colour, blue, and the difference of colour defines the the atmosphere, while blue shows serenity and tranquility, on the opposite side is this strong orange colour, that blind us when looking at it and represents fire, hot , destruction, panic and fear.

Recommended by Simon Holland, I searched for watercolour artist to help me catch the sense of morning lighting as well as other lighting.

Thomas Girtin

In this 2 paintings, the light predominates giving this beautifully look to it, also everything looks so washed that gives this sense of softness to the all picture. on the last picture, i found the brushstrokes so expressive and similar to painting on photoshop. I aimed to get a good sense of lighting in the morning but turned out that i really loved this pictures because of they all treatment and beauty.

Giovanni Piranesi

I have looked at works of Giovanni Piranesi, to get a better sense of scale and perspective, and see how he created massive buildings always considering the real world. Also the sense of depth is presented in these artworks, from the position of the buildings and the difference of strength in the line work.

It was really helpful looking at this artists, i know they don't belong to the concept art world, but they are influences for any contemporary artist.

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