Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Concept art: Hall of Dead redraw it (thumbnails) III

Once again, I did slightly changes in my drawing, not related to the camera angles and perspective, but to pay a bit more attention to detail and my story.

After tutor Phil gave me some guidance to stick with the culture present in the book, I decided to redraw the face of the skeleton and straight the bones in its body, after all it was carved out of stone.

So i got rid of its organic skull and now is a more geometric one, the eye sockets are only slightly carved and and its mouth is not anymore a "venom;s mouth from spider-man", it became more geometric and big as the African sculptures.

Any further changes will be applied when i paint it digitally.

P.s. Phil- Is any problem if i dont choose to depict the solomons treasure chamber in my final concepts, though is fundamental to the story but i dont find it really impressing as you cant see much... Ill sketch some thumbnails though


tutorphil said...

Hey Ruben - it's no problem - if you've got your three distinct scenes, that's fine - however, I do think you might need to re-jig the skeleton's body a bit too - it's very refined and 'elegant' and I wonder if you need to apply the same 'primitive' logic to its construction... it is unlikely that it would be created out of separate components, but rather, again, carved and hewn from rock - the same stuff as the cavern's walls, for instance - indeed, maybe the skeleton was carved out of an existing stalacite, and then the table positioned before it - this way the skeleton sculpture would be connected to the floor - as if coming out of it? Anyway, I'm sorry to be a pain in the arse - but hey, it's my solemn responsibility... :-) Keep having fun with it, Ruben - but stay logical - always use the text/location to derive your design decisions - keep it in the world of your narrative always.

Ruben Martins said...

Not pain in the arse, Is always good to have an outsider opinion, sometimes you let go with imagination and forget the logical.

In the book, describes the skeleton as being carved from one solid rock, just as massive boulder inside the cave. but at the same time all the bones were detailed even the smallest ones, so i just applied more straight lines.

On the background of my drawing is a separated rock it is where the statue was sat. I have to define the "throne" otherwise it will look is part of the background. Or the skeleton is coming from it, but actually it would be 2 different statues i just have to redefine that part as it can cause some confusion.

Ruben Martins said...

Also the walls of the Hall of Dead will be similar than the Cathedral, stalactites and hewn out, only with the difference it will be darker.

Baja said...

Hey Ruben, as you are aware I missed couple of lessons from Perception and I am concerned about the lesson. I am unable to attend for today's lecture because of (a silly reason)... so I wanted to ask you can you fill me up on the news or anything that I have missed from the Perception lesson?

Greatly appreciated thank you


tutorphil said...

Hi Ruben - it's clear that you're much in demand; your classmates owe you one! I've suggested that many of colleagues check your blog out because I find your work ethic and organisation very satisfying - it's an excellent model, so well done and keep it up. :-)

Ruben Martins said...

Thank you phil!

I understood when you said the blog is a platform, where we shall document all our work now and later be a tool to help us publish our work to possible employers... I just treat it as that, I organize it the way I want other people to see it, and im glad im doing a good job so far...

Thanks once again!!