Sunday, 22 November 2009

Concept Art: Hall of Dead Whitened and coloured experimented



After some more feedback that is always welcome, so please more :) , and after a long day at work i sat down and tried to whiten a bit the rock depicted, I didnt whitened the walls of the cave because i want to lead the spectator to the skeleton, as a metaphor the figures would be the torches leading the viewer to the main element.
I just dont know if i understood the feedback, well ... ooops :S


Leo said...

Hey Ruben, I like it so far, its great to see your progress with this piece. For feedback, perhaps try picking up some finer details with a smaller brush. This should help sharpen up areas to bring them more into focus, so don't overdo do it! Contrasting some warm and cool colours could help emphasise the lighting too. Look forward to seeing the results :)

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks leo,

I ll have to define some details...

Ruben Alexandre said...

lol i just realised that the painting add detail but when i used a brush on the top it lost it... I have to do it again :S