Friday, 6 November 2009

Maya Tutorials: having some problems

i was carefully following the steps on the tutorial for the second time and I came across with the same error than i had first time.

i was on the step when you bevel the door and and after you assemble the UV from the source images folder through hypershade, but finally i came out to be a bit different than what is in the tutorial.

if somebody had the same problem and know how to solve it, could you help me.

thank you!

here is the pic


Unknown said...

ah i see. did you project the UVS? if you did have you extruded things you want surposse to?

Unknown said...

hi ruben!
for a start you have not quite modelled it correctly.
u see the bottom window?
its too high!
rellok at the modelling and you'll see the window needs to go lower ok my freind?

Ruben Martins said...

ok thank you

Alan Postings said...

Hi Ruben,


1) Model
2) Apply the UV Shader
3) Project the UVs
4) Sew the UV's together if needed.

Keep working in that order.

Ruben Martins said...

thank you Alan i will try, i dont really know whats happening, i checked the model and looks good but only when i apply the uv shader it looks weird, also on the uv texture editor my uvs look are placed strangely.

Alan Postings said...

For this piece of geometry (Facade) select all the faces except those which were extruded inwards. Do a planar projection. Then select each piece of the extrude and use a planar projection (Around the inside of the door and window). Do this based upon what is horizontal and vertical.

However, it looks like is what is happening in your case is - when selecting edges in the UV texture editor you're including edges you shouldn't (in this case neighbouring edges of the largest projection with the smaller projections)...therefore when you sew the edges they are trying to 'Move & Sew' to each other (hence the distortion). Make sure you check your selection.

Ruben Martins said...

i see now where i misunderstood, i think i just jumped that step, oops ...

ill post the tutorial done soon.