Sunday, 8 November 2009

Concept Art: Other Concept Artists

James Clyne

Like is psoted before, here is more concept paintings by James Clyne showing a different genre than the fountain.

Ryan Church

Ryan Church's works is really dynamic showing a lot of movement, "a lot of going on in the picture."

Feng Zhu

I got from Alex, "Concept Design by Feng zhu ", recommended by Simon Holland, and has been a really helpful guide while creating my sketches. Feng Zhu's works have a lot of perspective. In this 2 designs that i chose you can see the difference between a straight line drawing such as the interior of a building and a more organic drawing of a mountain.

Gary Tonge

Gary Tonge's work is full of atmosphere provoked by the light and perspective. I came to know this artist when i bought the book "Bold Visions: the digital painting bible"

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