Sunday, 1 November 2009

Concept Art: 3 "silent ones" and cave entrance

heres my 2 quick sketches for the scene witht the statues and the cave entrance, though i didnt think to use this as my final concept painting im more than happy with the perspective and im wondering if i should use it, ill have a look how the others will come along.

Also,as i said before i'm reading king solomon's mines book by H. Rider Haggard, and yesterday after arriving to the 2 chapter, i found a relic in it, it is the map from the place they are to the mines, this way the map will help me understand what is around and set the the perfect mood to the site.

here is the map for anybody who needs it as well


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Hi there Ruben

Great to see you thumbnailing and working things out. Having a map also helps to visualise the scene and give a sense of scale. Things to consider are:
setting, are you going to make it period or update it.
architecture, where are going to derive your research from.Of course this depends upon your setting.
Light, I think that the light that you create in these scenes will contribute greatly towards the atmosphere. Along with the colour pallet you decide upon. Give me a shout and share your thoughts.

Ruben Alexandre said...

I was thinking to follow the period of the book cos it gives that mood of undiscovered unknown also the architecture which is a few statues and the mining site, will be to that period as it is described in the book, now i just have to set right the light cos like u said will help me set the atmosphere. i wont to give a early morning light but i dont know how difficult it will be.