Sunday, 1 November 2009

Concept Art: 3 " Witches" and Mining site

After I reviewed all the thumbnails i decided to pick up some things from various ones and put together in the last drawing not touching its perspective, otherwise it would look weird.
So in this picture i used all the elements described in the book about the area outside the cave, and i used the way it is described to do my composition, and create that kind of mystery in the mining site, so not only i put only hole half shown in depth but also half shown in width . also i put the statues of the 2 "silent ones" but in the place they were they could recognize them so it would be just the shapes, also i did the shape of the 3 peaks, where the one on the right touch the foreground giving a depth to the picture, asking them to enter...

P.S.-Sry for the quality, not much shading when you scan pictures.

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