Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Concept Art: 3 'witches' and the pit scene (progress) III

Before 1st road

After-Road variation

I took Leos advice and desaturated a bit the background elements, also i had scale with the human forms and the grass, also again I played a bit with the light.

It is not finished yet, but is on its way, I hope!!


tutorphil said...

The 'after-road' variation is really beginning to cook - and the use of light is really effective - I guess the next job is to work into the pit more, so that it feels like a proper cavity in the earth; i know you've desaturated the background, but it looks to me as if it needs to deepen in terms of shadow etc.

Bharathi Anthonysamy said...

woowwwww, I thought u was analysing an image off the internet or something, dis is amazing, da tiiiiiiny people at da bottom of the landscape really add to the image. dis is inspirational loool gd luck

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

well done Ruben,

Yes the rules of atmospheric perspective would probably say leave it, but you are an artist so you can bend the rules to get the right effect or push the story.

How have you enjoyed the project?

Ruben Alexandre said...

Phil: I had the same thought about the pit it was too flat, i get it just have to erase the light on that area and deepen the shadows , add some details and maybe voila!

Barathi: thank you! how is your project coming along?

Simon: I guess in the end ill play with brightness and contrast just to give that sense of athmosphere. i slightly changed the colour of the hills to this goldish colour to create maybe a metaphor. :)
I loved it, just wished i had more time so i could depict all the scenes in the excerpts and adjust them all. but as a overall im happy with it.
Not bad for my first goes with a pen tablet... :)