Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Concept art: Hall of Dead redraw it (thumbnails) II

Here is a more detailed thumbnail of the scene, i left the background this time only so I can see the main element, also when i take this into a digital software, i will play with light what will make a lot of difference.


Simon Holland 74 said...

Hi there Ruben

well done on your interim. I think cited you as a positive example in most peoples blogs. The redesign of the hall of the dead is much improved, I think this centrepiece may look a bit more dynamic on a dais to push the perspective a little more .... just an idea for you t6o try the nice thing about thumbnails is that you wouldn't lose too much time sketching it out.

Simon Holland 74 said...

Should have put a Phil in there somewhere.... I'm sure you can work out where

Ruben Martins said...

thank you simon!

i'll sketch something quick, and compare ... ill put it up here.

thank you for the feedback

tutorphil said...

I did indeed cite you as a positive example, Ruben - the way you're working is a delight - and yes, this composition is much more dynamic - I do have another suggestion though - the skeleton is a sculpture, right? I just think that you need to stylise it a bit more, as its currently a bit 'Halloweeny' - if it was carved, it would appear a little less realistic, maybe - I'm not talking about a huge change, I just think the look of the sculpture could be more totemic and touch less organic-looking? More as if its been carved from one block or similar?