Thursday, 5 November 2009

Concept art: Stalactites Cathedral ( reviewing it a bit)

I decided to take richard's advice, using my previous sketches, I mixed some elements from them. For this drawing i used the foreground of my last sketch and the background of the previous one, and add some extra details as it was described in the book, such as the mummy/god carved stalactite and the row of columns going down all the enormous room. But also i did some more extra things like a pathway going from one side to the other of the room.
To set the perspective right, i used reference pictures of the inside of cathedrals to give that monumental aspect to it, but also depth.

P.s- sry for the not so good quality

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Ethan Clements said...

i really like this, the light and shadows give it a great amount of depth and shows how enormous it is. it kind of reminds me of somthing from prince of persia or tomb raider, it has a kind of epic feel...