Sunday, 8 November 2009

Concept Art: Concept Artists and Studios Influences I

Here is the artists i based my drawing upon, they are well-known concept artists that produce amazing paintings of imaginary places to help the film production when creating them.

Michael Lloyd and "Indiana Jones"

Michael Lloyd was the concept artist behind the early films of Indiana Jones, such as the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade, with these drawings he helped the production create an imaginary places and even artifacts. His paintings of caves and temples are beautiful perfectly setting a mood of mystery and awe.

James Clyne and "the Fountain"

James Clyne is a famous concept artist, who created amazing concept drawings of different films, such as "Start Trek (XI)", "War of the Worlds", "Minority Report", "the Fountain", etc. His works vary from films, while Minority Report is more futuristic, the Fountain is set between the past and the present time, helping him to explore different aspects. This pictures are from "the Fountain", and i chose them because of the opposite atmosphere set in them, while the first 2 represent life, beginning with the help of the light in it, the last one by the colours he uses gives the sense of death, end , dark. It's amazing how an artist can "jump" from life to death, from past to future in their works.

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