Saturday, 28 November 2009

Unit 02 - Concept Art completed

Today, for my sadness was the last day of unit 2, on the crit I received a good feedback, but also a few tips where i could improve my pictures ( that surely when i have some time, I will revisit and change them), as a whole this unit taught me a lot being my 1st time using a pen tablet, with a lot of work i could produce something that could be presented and "wowed" some of my fellow colleagues but the most important that I enjoyed, while improving my skills, the only bad thing is that is over...

So let's tackle Unit 3, cant wait!!!

For Unit 3, I already borrowed a book from the library, "The Uncanny" by Mike Kelley and i would say some ambiguous work in there. :)

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Keith Larkin said...

Hey Ruben, i'm Keith from the second year. Phil's. directed me to your blog.

If you need anything drop me a post.