Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Essay Research- Edward ScissorHands II

I started to write my essay, and after reading some reviews on Edward Scissorhands, I realised that has so many influences from gothic style buildings (the mansion), as well as early gothic films, like the german expressionism in the The cabinet of the Dr. Caligari mixed with the story of the classic Boris Karloff Frankenstein, the rejected 'monster' from 1931, with 1950s/60s American dream type of suburbia, added with the 80s hairstyle and teenagers and also a little hint of David Lynch's Elephant Man, where the 'freaks' are actually the people surrounding the main character.

Interesting how all these aspects add to this fairytale genre produces one of the most beautiful films directed by Tim Burton.

Like Tutor Phil said it 'plays' different times of history.

P.s. I forgot to mention Bo Welch, is production designer, who was awarded with BAFTA prize in Production Design in 1991 with the film Edward Scissorhands, him alongside Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson, the screenwriter conceived the film.

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tutorphil said...

for the next unit, we're going to make a return to those Levittown-esque suburbs as part of the accompanying film programme entitled 'The Unhomely Cinema' ... I've got lots of lovely stuff to show you :-)