Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Animator: Winsor McCay (1867- 1934)

So for our 1st lecture on this new unit, we were presented with a really interesting documentary, about animation from pencil to pixels, which dealt from the 1st attempts in the animation ground by Winsor McCay to the beautifully designed and animated characters from Pixar.
It basically showed a brief story of animation, it not only showed the comparison of the classical 2d animation with the 3d one, but also mentioned stop- motion animation, like Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park, and also Japanese animation such as Spirited Away.

In the same Lecture. we were shown the 1st made animation, dated 1911, called Little Nemo. Even though, it had a prologue with reall-life acting and no sound, it actually was quite easy to follow. In little Nemo is already visible some of the later principles of Animation, like squash and stretch.

Little Nemo

Gertie the dinosaur

This was the second animation shown, by the same Animator, Winsor McCay
, in this one, which is longer than little Nemo, he starts by giving words to this female dinosaur. Although, is not the most beautifully crafted work, it is visible a great understanding of animation and entertainment, with some really funny gags.

The Sinking of the Lusitania

Finally, the last animation, was the one that really blew me away, because of its animation, craftsmanship and whole idea. As it is a documentary about a infamous German attack to a ship while returning home killing hundreds of people.
the documentary idea is really interesting and no many animations deal with it, its craftsmanship was just so worked and beautiful.

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