Monday, 8 March 2010

Unit 05- Animation

Yes, we have already another project starting today and it is the long waited 1 steps into animation, although it wont be 3d, I'm quite pleased for having this unit, because will allow me to understand all the principles of animation and further apply them in 3d.

After, a rather busy and hateful weekend where I had to work, I didnt have much time to dig into the research, although I did read the brief and look at the time table.( I found already big names in there :) ) For my comission words, I have:

an ecstatic pepper mill

which I think will be fun to animate.

so we are asked to produce
a 1 minute, 3 act story 2d animation, featuring our object.
a Storyboard
Concept Art and Character Design
and all the reviews for this unit's films

Also a 1500 words written assignment, researching one animator of our choice.

Can't wait to start, it will be fun, and also I guess my second partner will be the Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams :)

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