Monday, 15 March 2010

Animator: Lotte Reiniger (1899- 1981)

Lotte Reiniger

I found Reiniger's work really interesting, an animation made of cut pieces of paper where is visible silhouette of places and characters, although I was already familiar with this technique practiced by other artist, is always good to know where it actually comes from. We saw the animation Cinderella, it is basically the story that Disney after took and adapted to a full length film. However this one being a bit shorter just had the same effect in story-telling. I really enjoyed the addition of gags and how the silhouetted characters look so communicative, it actually just proves what a good animation needs, a good story and characters who portray perfectly the story.

Here is Reiniger's Animation, Cinderella:

Also I found this documentary explaining the art behind the works of Lotte Reiniger

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