Saturday, 13 March 2010

Visiting Lecturer- Suzie Kent

Im sorry for the late update on wednesday's workshop, but I havent been at home much since then.

Last Wednesday, we had an Illustrator/ Animator coming to visit us and give us a lecture explaining how an environment can be important to the whole animation. It was a really interesting lecture, because not only she presented us with her ideas, but also we perceive it by animations showed by her, and on her own projects while still in Uni and posterior freelance life. In her projects, she also demonstrated how important is to have a good research pipeline, to make your animation believable but also the environment of it. Through researching hours after hours, other artists, films, animations, real life objects , etc. it help you to depict something more accurately and not only out of the top of your head.
In relation to the importance of the environment, she presented us some animations and illustrations, where the environment either can be important or not, either we have to depict it or not. What I understood was that if our character interacts primarily with the world, it is important to depict it, but if it doesnt entirely we do not have to.
Alongside this lecture, my trip to the theatre, help me to understand that as well, because as we all know theatre has the power of not show places explicitly, but rather induce our imagination to do so. It was really worth it go to this lecture and to the theatre, beacuse it made all sense.
Also, I'm glad I experienced this importance or not of my environment, when doing my storyboard. And I think I battle it well. :)

In the Afternoon, we were given a brief, where we were asked to produced a 2d environment to our "Cousin Jimmy" based on the words showed in the brief, I chose ferocious. and here is some thumbnails and the final picture.

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