Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Essay Topic: Jan Svankmajer

In this unit, we are asked to write a 1500 words assignment researching an animator of our choice.
No matter if it is stop-motion, 2d animation or 3d animation.

Thus, I decided to write and research about a really distinct Animator , Jan Svankmajer. He is a Czech animator, whose works bear a lot of surrealism and fantasy. he uses stop-motion to create quite disturbing, but amazing. Also to mention the use of dark humour borrowed from his Czech culture ( believe me, I know, I live with Czech culture at home) :S

I'll research some of his works and create a pipeline of research throughout the 5/7 weeks.

I'll leave you with one of his famous works:

Moznosti Dialogu ( Dimensions of Dialogue)



Alan Postings said...

Check out Jan Svankmajer's 'Little Otik'. Dark and funny.

Ruben Alexandre said...

Oh thank you Alan for the link,

surely I will be eating his animations for the next 5 weeks :)

also, thanks for the feedback and help with this project.

Lev said...

Also check out his version of 'Alice in Wonderland' very bizzare. Yet very memorable.