Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Life Drawing: Session 7

After a long wait, we finally had another life drawing session, since I think before Christmas, if my memory doesn't lie to me. Nevertheless, worth it in all the aspects, not only we had a different model so we could experiment different proportions, but also she was younger so the factor age changed also. I love life drawing sessions because you learn a lot without realising it, I guess no more private ones with my girlfriend for a while ( no, Phil , not in a titanic style).

and more of these please...

45 mins pose

(3) 15 mins poses

30 mins pose

The last pose was the more challenging one, because it was 1 of the 1st times we had a sitting pose, but with time I'm aiming to improve it.


Jackie said...

Yes, I found the last one tricky too - from where I was sitting, when I drew her left leg, it just ended up looking dislocated!

Ruben Alexandre said...

ye sitting poses, are really tricky a lot of foreshortening, that sometime sis really difficult to get straight.