Saturday, 13 March 2010

Unit 05- Researching Environment - Traditional Italian Ristorante

For the story idea that im going to develop, a traditional Italian Restaurant is the place of acting, althoug I wont have to create the overall space of the restaurant, I do have to draw the objects/ condiments table and the customer's table where our pepper mill will be taken.
So for this purpose, I researched not only the whole space, but more specifically the details that I'll be using. Such as the table, cloths, dishes and lights.
And by the power of the sound effects,just like the Actor in the Woman in Black likes to say, my imagination and of the audience, the rest of the restaurant will be depicted.

But for now only the reference pictures will be important to create the concept art and help me to understand the site.

Traditional Italian Ristorante

I have been researching some interiors of Italian restaurants, and they have really different styles, on one hand, is the traditional, cozy restaurant, on the other hand, is the arty and contemporary one. For my story and to add some character to the environment, I opted to go for a more rustic and traditional one, as it is easier to perceive the stereotype.

I discovered that some of them share some aspects in common, for instance, they are cluttered by tables, plants and other objects. Giving the site the idea that is extremely small and extremely busy. They have as their decoration almost the same set of table cloth, the checked type. For the chairs, they actually populate most of the space, but one thing visible is that they don't have to match. All these factors alongside with some other details, such as the pictures on the wall, the long and small tables, "over-dressed" with a lot of objects, give the character to this place, defining it as the Mediterranean type of restaurant.
I call it Mediterranean restaurant, because I'm quite familiar with it as in Portugal, they use the same style in the traditional restaurants, similar table cloths, a lot of tables, a lot of pictures on the wall, a lot of clutter on the overall space.
Also I have been digging into youtube clips trying to find some film scenes that show some traditional Italian restaurant, or at least, a traditional Italian table. The one going around in my head is The Lady and the Tramp scene Bella Notte, by Disney. yes the famous scene with the spaghetti :)

The Lady and the Tramp

I have been looking at some Italian Restaurant Ads on Youtube as well, to have a better idea what they serve and , mainly to know how they look.


tutorphil said...

Evening Rubes - I forget to give you the names of those opera singers I mentioned last week; check out Mario Lanza and Caruso for richly atmospheric recordings for that restaurant ambience...

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thank you, Phil

I will check them now, I started but I wasnt sure if it was Enrico Caruso

tutorphil said...

yep - it's Enrico Caruso - and Mario Lanza played him in a movie of his life - The Great Caruso...

Ruben Alexandre said...

I'll be onto it right now :)
thanks , Phil!!