Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Unit 05- Character Influences 2

I'm drawing out my character, but after thinking a little bit more and still touching the Opera part of the animation, I could resemble my pepper mill to an opera singer, just as much the opera singer is excited to sing, the Pepper mill is excited to season. Of course, I won't be adding any human physical characteristics, but the build of the pepper mill could pretty much resemble it.
So taking my composite picture found here.
I could apply some scaling, for instance small lower part and big middle part and normal top part, or I could polish some round bit and create them more oval.
So I researched some opera singers with a heavy build.

Not that I will be creating a heavy build character, rather one with some shape.
For more inspiration, I looked at Italian chefs, as my scene will be set in a restaurant, our pepper mill could actually resemble an italian chef. Although, it seems I'm stereotyping people and also my character, it is only for the purpose of the character.

So i researched some Italian Chefs and all of them share something in common, they have a mustache, surely I wont add a mustache to my character, but once again, it is only to help me set proportions appealing as well as resembling.

Yes, all chefs also share the body proportions in common, that actually are similar to a pepper mill. So I have Opera Singers and Italian Chefs as reference Already two iconic professions that can stereotype Italy.


tutorphil said...

Looking forward to seeing you integrate these new ideas into your peppermill design - it looks as if you're going for a design with a smaller 'head' and a more bulbous 'comedic' body - even if this doesn't quite 'fit' any existing models of pepper mills, I think you should push the logic and make it work for you anyway.

Ruben Alexandre said...

yes, i really like both designs.

I'll try them both:
On one side, will be a character with a big head a small handle, curvy slim body, and on the other side, will have big handle, small head and a heavy build. While the 1st design creates more of a cute character still comedic, the second will portray a more "adult" and comedic character.