Monday, 15 March 2010

Animator: Walt Disney ( 1901- 1966)

Walt Disney
Walt Disney was the Animator left to be shown, and nothing better than his first big animation, Fantasia, to present him. Fantasia, in contrary, of other Disney Films, as this really eastern European feeling really dark, but beautifully crafted. We watch a series of excerpts from this film, the 1st part of the film, where, just like Mclaren's works accompany a jazz tune, the Disney Animation is accompanied by the orchestra. Simply beautifully!

Also, we watched something that I have mentioned before, the chapter Mickey The Sorcerer's Apprentice, where Mickey by the power of magic turns inanimate objects into live, with his master tricks, however in any Disney Film something has to go wrong, and it does, because Mickey is not able to control the powers. I found Mickey's performance similar to what we have to do, spread magic around the given object and make it alive and act.

Fantasia- Mickey the Sorcerer's Apprentice

Finally, We also watched the excerpt
Night on Bald Mountain, and what a delight it was to watch it, in this chapter is visible, what I mentioned before, the Avant- Garde, Eastern European side of animation, so dark, malicious and gothic but yet so perfect and beautiful. It actually emphasizes what Phil said, despite Disney being known by their "good" characters, such as Snow White, Cinderella,etc, it also has a enormous curriculum of villains, and so interesting they are, from the Demon in Night on Bald Mountain to the evil witch in Snow White, all play their part perfectly.

Fantasia- Night on Bold Mountain

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