Monday, 15 March 2010

Animation workshop- Session 1

Last friday, we had our fist animation workshop session, and what a session. I can say I really enjoyed doing it.
We started by watching some animations by the 1st ever animators, such as J. Stuart Blackton with the animation Humourous phases of funny faces, 1906 or Winsor McCay's How a mosquito operates, 1912.

as the session went on, we were asked to produce 12 drawings (1 sec. of animation) of morphing our face with the face of our colleague sat on the left. Actually it went better than I expected as some of the drawings we can really distinguish.

Meanwhile, we watched some other more recent animations, from previous Meg's Students to others such as Caroline Leaf's The street, 1976, and the group Blu with their animations on site.

By the end of the workshop, we were asked to write our name, and think of an object that relates to us with the letter of our name.
I came with Radio, Universe, Banana, Elephant and Necklace.

I guess it will be fun to start morphing them :)


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Hey there Ruben,

just read through the script and checked out the reference images you have gathered. Judging by the annotations that you have made to the last one, can I assume that is the style you will be going for? I think it will make a great choice, especially with the extended handle, I can imagine it spinning furiously as the cloud of pepper rises. Then hanging limply in the final tableux.


Ruben Alexandre said...

it is :)

I really like the extended handle... in such a small pepper mill.

thanks simon, I'll put here my progress :)