Monday, 22 March 2010

Unit 05- Character Design- First Sketches

I have already done some of these drawings in the past week but I did not upload, because of what has been happening lately, but here it goes. I started with the design of my pepper mill, firstly I had the idea of creating a character with some cute proportions, that would be cute and the audience will feel sorry for him. Although I lied the idea, it didn't suit my story really well, so I preferred to check the opposite design, a far more heavier, with a small head which creates a rather comical effect to the character.
As I posted before, the influences for this character came when I researched some "heavy" Opera Singers and some stereotyped Italian chefs. where the proportions are associated to my choice of the character.

on the last sketches, I think I really achieved the comedic effect implied to the character, however I wasn't happy with the over all shape of the top, the "head".
So the choice for my final design is a hybrid of the last design with the right design from the third page.

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