Friday, 12 March 2010

A Day to Remember

I just arrived now from my little trip to London, which turn out to be more than worth it.

I started the trip in London by visiting for the 1st time the National Gallery, and being able to see with my own eyes the masterpieces by the great names of Art throughout the different periods. If these masterpieces are already beautiful in Books or Internet, they are just unbelievably amazing "live". From known paintings by Da Vinci, Renoir, Degas, Monet, Velasquez and Rembrandt to not so known paintings by the same artists, but also by William Claesz, Van Delen, Hobbema, Claude and Van Ostade. For this visit, I didnt want to only concentrate on the well-known artists, but rather other artists not so famous. As often you can find really amazing paintings and styles that catch your eye.
With my fresh eye, I wanted to pay a visit to the National Portrait Gallery, and there I found really interesting stuff, not only I faced the disturbing Marc Quinn's Blood Head, but I also saw some really famous paintings by copatriot Paula Rego.
After all this absorption of Art, I decided to chill a bit and visit Chinatown. However, the trip was interrupted by the premiere of the film Bounty Hunter, from the Director of Hitch, Andy Tennant, starring Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. As I was caught in the middle of this happening I stayed a bit to see how the actors really look like, just for curiosity.
In my opinion, Gerard Butler made a good spartan,but he is not taller than me, though he has a better posture, I guess. Nevertheless a good experience. ( SPAAAAARTA!)
Thus, When I thought my day was already worth it, I just embarked in this remarkable theatre experience, when I went to see The woman in black at the Fortune Theatre, a play by Stephen Mallatrat an adaptation from the novel of the same name by Susan Hill. Starring Julian Forsyth and Christopher Naylor.
A scary, spooky experience but worth every second.

So this was my ordinary day in London, I guess a lot going on just a few miles away.

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