Friday, 26 March 2010

Unit 05- Digital Character Design

This is the photoshop version of my character, Although it is the same design than the pencil sketch, I added a few details in the lower part with extra curves resembling like shoes , and on the handle.

Also, to practice speed in painting I decided to paint the 3 the of them simultaneously. After all it was a good exercise, as I could manage to finish them pretty quick.

For the colour pallete, I wanted to use a flesh like colour on contrary of the dark brown, also I had the idea of using a golden handle but I think it wouldn't look good with it.


tutorphil said...

Evening Rubes,

Looking forward to seeing this chubby chap in action! I assume you're going to go for the line drawing 'minimal' approach, as opposed to the full-colour render option... remember, this is a 'pure' project - let your line drawing and grasp of the principles of animation win the day!

Ruben Martins said...

definately line drawing, not only will keep it simple but also it wont clutter the image so actions wont be missed.