Thursday, 11 March 2010

Unit 05- Character Reference Pictures

So to add to my story idea, I wanted to do some visual research for my character to create a believable, not out of my mind, and start to play with it. I came across a lot of pepper mill from some old wooden ones to some more modern plastic ones.
However, not all the designs are appropriate for my story, as my scenario is a traditional and cozy Italian restaurant in the old town of Naples or Venice, the design has to follow through that old and traditional style, I conclude that one made of wood will be necessary for this animation.

Wooden Pepper Mills

All these share some characteristic in common the big top, with curved details around the body of the object, and with a small tip on the top with the "p" Symbol.

Different Colours

Different materials

After looking at these more antique designs of pepper mill, which are still used nowadays in many kitchens, I want to stylize my character so it will be a short pepper mill, with a lot of curves and quite organic in contrast with the real one. Being a character I could add some human characteristics but I wont, I will keep it as it is but mold the shapes of the character to create emotions and motion. The only think I may add is the top handle visible in some of the pepper mill designs as the arm which will call for attention or even perform the job.

The first step on character design was to look at the features of pepper mills that i wished, and associate it with the human form so I can assemble distinct actions of each of them without adding any basic and clear human forms such as arms or eyes. Also the following picture is a composite of 2 design of pepper mills.

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