Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Unit 05- Researching Music for my Animation

My 1 minute animation will have music playing alongside the whole action. not only it will help to identify the place, but also will create mood and atmosphere to the whole animation.
As the action will be set in a Italian restaurant, I decided to look at some Italian songs. This is just an excuse to present my love for international music, yes it is true I listen everything from Mexican and South American songs to Italian and French, I devour everything that it is international.
Digging into the artists I know from Italy, names such as Eros Ramazzotti or Laura Pausini were in my list.

Laura Pausini

Eros Ramazzotti

Although, I really enjoy these songs, they wouldn't create a great atmosphere as they are just pop songs.
For the Animation, my idea was to use a genre that would distinguish and also stereotype the restaurant, so people when watching the Animation, they would perceive it straight away.

For this purpose, I had to go for a specific genre, Opera. Opera is a distinguished genre, where the singers actually prove how good they are by the power of their voice, and not by special effects made by the mixing table. I will use Opera because it actually portrays Italy immediately, as the greatest names are mostly Italian.
So I had to dig once again into onto my names list, and I found really famous tenors such as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Andrea Bocelli.
The only problem was that most of this names are quite contemporary, or at least from the past 50 years.

I had to research some names and I came across with names such as Mario Lanza and Franco Corelli, though the biggest name of all tenors was missing, and this was pointed to me by Phil, Enrico Caruso is considered the most famous of all tenors, because of his gifted voice.
All these voices are great, however what I really have to choose is the song and thereafter get the artist. I mention this because most of the opera singers, they sing operas by Verdi or Puccini. They don't really have anything innovative, rather beautiful operas by the grand composers of all time.

For the songs, one has been in my head since the beginning of the project, more precisely since I decided to add music to my animation.

Enrico Caruso- O Sole Mio

Mario Lanza- Funiculi Funicula

Enrico Caruso- La Donne et Mobile

for now these songs sang by these artists are my top 3 choice. The song I really wanted to use was Carmen by Bizet, though it is not italian, but rather French. Thus, my primary choice out of these 3 is Funiculi Funicula, because of its live, is a really fast song that can be associated to the movement of the pepper mill, also Im thinking of putting 2 half songs, so it would be one for the beginning part and the Funiculi Funicula song for the pepper mill part.

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