Sunday, 21 March 2010

Essay: Research About Jan Svankmajer

While being sick, I took phil's advice and researched a bit more for my essay that has as subject Jan Svankmajer.
I went on youtube and watched a really interesting documentary about him, his works and his influences.

In this documentary, they outline how Svankmajer's works belong to a rather fictional side of art, such as the surrealism but also how uncanny some of his works may appear, where he uses different objects that surround us and explore them giving them character and consciousness. it mentions the way that his films are edited, in which the action is often cut to a already close-up of the object, to emphasize the action. However, what really stroke me the most was the influences in which Svankmajer takes on his works. In most of his works, he was influenced by a famous artist with a rather weird style, Giuseppe Archimboldo, yes the artist who used to paint his portraits using flora and natural elements in the place of the real human features. Archimbolodo's style was so interesting as it firstly takes art into the surreal realm. This style is mostly visible in Svankmajer's work, while watching Dimensions of Dialogue.

Jan Svankmajer - Dimensions of dialogue

Although Archimboldo's art was an influence, it was not the only one, in the same documentary, they mention a lot of Freudian Concepts, the idea that childhood is innocent age but yet full of desires and thoughts that can affect us to the rest of our lives.

Surely, I will have as main references this while writing my essay, also I will check some other possible influences.

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