Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Maya Tutorials: Street Project Facade

Desktop picture showing the model and outliner, with all the elements and groups

Desktop picture showing the UV Grid applied to the model

After having some problems in the beginning of the tutorial, due to maybe my misunderstanding of what was said , I managed to finish with a few days delayed.
This tutorial, we were taught how to model a front of a American Apartments and applying the UV grid texture, to help us know if everything would be okay when texturing with the final materials.
Mapping the UV, I have to say in the beginning was a bit complicated but after a few steps I just got on with it, because its all the same process. As Tutor Alan explained:

"1) Model
2) Apply the UV Shader
3) Project the UVs
4) Sew the UV's together if needed."

Time consuming tutorial but fun after all :)

P.s.- Now only this week tutorial.


Alan Postings said...

Well done Ruben - I knew you could do it :)

Unknown said...

Ruben you did a great job. I really want to tell you you are going really good and it given me idea for my new project. Thanks for that..
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