Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

I have finishing to read the Alchemist.
This book is by a Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, famous for his spiritual type of book, one that can give you a moral lesson as well as a good narrative behind.
It tells a story of a Shepperd who was used to wander the landscape of Andalusia in search of food and water for his sheep, living his life alone with the only company of his sheep he start to get used to them and also learning with them. Until one day , when he had a one dream for the second time, which he believed it was a omen, after deciphering what was the dream about with the help of a old gypsy woman. the answer was a treasure hidden within the Pyramids in Egypt.
The boy eager to find the treasure departed on a quest to the Egypt, He suffered many disadventures, such as been robbed twice and captured others, he met with a person with otherwordly intellect, The Alchemist, that for him to find the treasure he would need to speak the language of the Soul of the World, which meant worship every little nature being around him or us. As he arrived to the Pyramids, where the boy was robbed twice, one of his robbers said to him that he had a dream that the hidden treasure would be in a old church ( the same church where the boy was used to sleep) in Spain.

This book can be a really good inspiration, that tells you mainly that you should worship every present day and don't think of the future or past, "live one day each time" like the proverb says, but also that sometimes the most amazing things in live are right next to us, and sometimes we dont realise until its too late.
For the shepperd the real treasure was the trip he did where he found love, learnt a bit more of the world and saw the Pyramids.
A beautiful story, which is really easy to read.


anewman said...

I read it long ago. Yes, I agree with you, a very good book. He, also, has other thoughtful books which I found interesting to read: Maktub, Veronika decides to die, the Zahir, Eleven minutes.

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